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"Abi" aged 3
When I arrive at Applepips for Early Birds I find my name tag and choose my peg to hang my coat on. Then I can help Helen, Jo & Victoria choose the toys that we will play with today, or if I want to I can just play!

"Robert" aged 3
After I hang up my coat I find my chair, I have to put my "show & tell" under my seat, then we all wiggle our listening ears "wiggle, wiggle, wiggle". When it is time to play I can choose what I want to do. I can play with a friend or with a grown up. If I want I can go outside and play. Today Victoria is cooking and I want to help her, but first I need to wash my hands and get an apron "I love to cook".

"Jack" aged 4
I'm going to paint a picture for my Daddy, I need to put my apron on. I can write my name on my picture, J- a- c- k "look Jo it's a rainbow for my Daddy". Chloe's Mummy likes my picture, she is playing with us today because Chloe was sad and wanted her to stay for a little while.

child playing

"Chloe aged 2"
Tidy up time, tidy up time" I want to hold Abi's hand, she will help me wash my hands before we have something to eat "I love Abi, she is my friend".

"Adam aged 4"
Before we have something to eat we all say a little prayer, we close our eyes and put our hands together- "no peeking". Today we are having grapes and breadsticks and creamy cheese yum, yum!

"Ollie" aged 2
What a busy morning, I'm very sleepy now. Jo has chosen a book for us to look at, while the bigger children go outside. I love to snuggle with Jo on the beanbags, sometimes I go to sleep!

"Robert" aged 3
Victoria and Helen have got the parachute out- I really need to listen! Helen asked me to sit opposite Jack, that's quite tricky, let me see!

"Abi"aged 3
All this play with the parachute is making me hungry, before we have lunch though we sing our goodbye song to our friends who are going home! Oh! and hello to our friends who have come to play.

"Jack" aged 4
After I wash my hands, we can say Grace then we will all have lunch "savouries first and treats afterwards remember!" I'm the helper today because I am big! Maddy needs to put all her rubbish in her lunchbox so her mummy knows what she ate today.

"Adam" aged 4
Wow! What has Helen got, lots of tubes, a big box and an enormous blanket. What are we going to do? We could be pirates or make a big den. "We need some pegs or string to tie it to the fence" I'm going to make a treasure map so I need a pen and paper.

"Jack" aged 4
The little ones are having a drink and rest now with Victoria, so we need to be quiet, Jo is helping us with a board game & Helen is looking at some story bags. I want to do this farm puzzle I'm good at puzzles!

"Robert" aged 3
What a busy day. I've made some pizza and painted a picture, I practiced writing my name, and counted the children at lunch. Helen helped me cut out a shape to put in my busy book and this afternoon I was a pirate looking for treasures!!!

child playing

"Ollie" aged 2
Jo looks after me at Applepips, she helps me with my coat and gloves. Today I got to play with the playdough, my little fingers are getting stronger and I can make great sausages now! Adam helps find my coat so I can play outside "Thank you Adam".

"Freja" aged 3
Time to go home now, my Granny is taking me home today for tea- I can't wait to show her my painting. But first we need to sing our 'Goodbye God Bless' song with our friends.

child playing child playing





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